Monday, June 08, 2009

Psychobabble child of divorce

The Houston Chronicle did an article recently (which appears to no longer be available online) on John Bradshaw, a popular self-help guru who coined the term "inner child" and, according to the Chronicle, "brought talk of dysfunctional families into the mainstream."

Interestingly, Bradshaw, who is now 75 years old, was a teenage child of divorce.

Why am I not surprised that a child of divorce blossomed in the SELF-help industry?


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Steven, Turning Winds said...

There are different effects that a divorce will bring to a child. Although they will be more inclined to be helping themselves, sometimes they do turn out to have behavioral problems and relationship issues.
Parents should think of the consequences of having a divorce to their kids. Explaining the reasons properly and at the same time continue to love them despite the separation.
These children of divorce does not need to feel that they're alone. If parents would only think of guiding them and being there for them.