Sunday, January 22, 2006

Poignancy in the Post

Besides giving me a new-found respect for Gene Weingarten, whose work I knew primarily from his own juvenile-bordering-on-offensive humor column, this article in today's Washington Post Magazine about a high-priced preschool entertainer offered up some telling anecdotes about divorce:

"He's frightened of commitment, he says, because he is terrified of making the wrong choice. The divorce of his parents, and divorces he's seen among his friends and his clients, make him particularly scared. It's odd, because he's not really afraid of much else."

And later:

"The most significant fact in Eric's upbringing, Jane said, was when she and her husband separated. Eric was 13. The divorce became final two years later, and the whole thing was obviously deeply painful. At 14, Eric was living with his mom in an apartment with cockroaches; Eric wouldn't let her kill them. 'Cockroaches have familes, too,' he would say."

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