Monday, May 01, 2006

Kurt Russell on stepparenting

From Parade magazine:

"Russell and [Goldie] Hawn connected in 1983 while making Swing Shift. She had two children, Kate and Oliver (now 27 and 29), with her second husband, singer Bill Hudson. 'The children were very young. I told them, Just because I fell in love with your mom doesn't mean I've fallen in love with you. And just because I'm in your life doesn't mean you have to fall in love with me. We can be fair and honest to each other and see how we do.
"His voice gets husky as he adds, 'It wasn't very long before they got under my skin--in the best way. I felt very, very attached to Katie and Oliver. I had a strong need to be responsible for them. They decided to call me Pa.' Russell and Hawn then had a son together, Wyatt, now 19, and the family was truly cemented, ring or no ring."

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