Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Divorce research

Two new studies have come out recently that are worth mentioning.

The first is a study showing that we don't inherit divorce like blue eyes or freckles. So at least we're not genetically flawed. What Brian D'Onofrio's study does show, however, is that the divorce of one's parents is a traumatic event that carries over into later life. In other words, we need healing. (If anyone needs a recommendation to a Physician, I know a Great one.)

In other breaking news, it appears one can legislate morality after all. Or at least one can legislate it away. A study released by Douglas Allen and Maggie Gallagher looked at the effect of no-fault divorce law on overall divorce rates by reviewing the literature on this topic over a ten year period. They found that, indeed, the introduction of no-fault divorce does increase the divorce rate, although it is not by any means the biggest cause of divorce (which, as we've maintained before, remains "people choosing to divorce"). Still the Allen-Gallagher study is interesting because it shows that we can have an effect on divorce rates by changing the ways divorce is administered in the legal system.

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