Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Healing on film

Sorry for the long silence on the blog. The baby dog is indeed a baby with a teeny-tiny baby bladder that needs to be relieved several times each night still, although I swear I am watching him grow right before my eyes--I think he's doubled in size in the week and a half that I've had him! He's a cutie pie, but, boy, could I use a full night of uninterrupted sleep!

Catching up on my inbox, I saw a message about a limited-release Christian movie about divorce scheduled to hit select theaters the day after Valentine's Day. According to Christian Post, Me & You, Us, Forever "will look at the damaging reality of divorce on spouses, children, families and friends as it aims to put forth a message for the hurting that healing is possible." The film is billed as a love story, interrupted by thirty years. Looks interesting.

To see a list of theaters that are showing this movie, click here for the official movie web site. No one in Virginia is showing it yet, so if you happen to see it in your area, check in here and let us know what you thought.


Anonymous said...

A review that you may not have expected...

My husband and his married girlfriend have rekindled their romance from 20 years ago over this movie. I had to leave my husband last September after things became unbearable and he refused to work on anything. I didn't know why and continued to try to get him to reconcile. He refused. Just two weeks ago, I found out why. He has been having a relationship with the girlfriend he had 20 years ago, mainly via email (he won't admit to anything else). She had contacted him last April and now everything fits into place as to why he has not wanted to work on things. Things at home were hard and desiring what he had when he was 17 was easier than working on things. Life is so simple at 17. No responsibility, no real life. He actually sent me this movie link so that I could understand 'his feelings'. I think just for the fact that this movie is giving my current husband (not legally separated, not divorced) and his girlfriend (still living with her husband - unaware) the desire for each other, it is just a horrible movie!!! I found this comment on another blog that I think fits this movie perfectly...

"Wait a minute. This guy made a semi auto biographical movie about being divorced because of his wife finding out he’s in love with his high school sweetheart..."

A hurting wife,

Kristine said...

Thanks, Deborah. Since the movie isn't out yet, I haven't seen it. I certainly didn't get the impression, from either the trailer or the article in Christian Post, that this movie advocated leaving one's spouse for an old flame. If that's the case, I'm sorry to hear it.