Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One teen's question

From the Detroit News:

(I haven't visited the site mentioned below yet, so I can't vouch for it.)

Bill Sears endured a childhood trauma that has been, and will be, faced by millions. He survived the death of his parents' marriage. He had to pick sides, counsel his parents, and learn how to interpret his feelings. Pretty heavy stuff for a little kid.

Now, nine years later, Bill is as close to an expert on these kinds of things as a 16-year-old can be. And he's willing to help anyone -- parent or kid -- he can.

A voracious reader and researcher, Bill studied divorce law to learn what rights children have. Just as important, he listened -- to friends at first, then to friends of friends, and now to just about anyone. He started, the self-described "Internet's Best Divorce Site for Kids by a Kid." It's a blog, a forum, and a news portal for information on parenting.

"I saw what I had gone through, and I didn't think it was right. No kid should go through this," Bill said. "It took a brutal emotional toll on me. I was 7 or 8 and they split. It was a metaphorical tug of war and I just want to say: Are you aware, parents?"

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Ann Marie said...

I think it is fantastic Bill decided to help others through a situation he struggled through. That is one of the amazing things technology and the internet has done. It has given people who want to help or turn a personal tragedy into an avenue of help into something positive that can help others. I work for, it is an online community of support and help for women navigating through the various stages of divorce and life thereafter. Our site has many experts and members that themselves have gone through or are currently going through stages of divorce and are using their experiences to help others. With sites like Bills and ours we are removing the stigma from divorce and helping each other everyday.

Just my two cents
Ann Marie