Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon & Kate + 8 children of divorce

Diane Singer, one of my fellow bloggers at The Point has weighed in on the reality show that will apparently follow 8 new children of divorce:

Though I have seen only a few of the episodes, I find the news of the Gosselins' impending divorce a cause to grieve -- for these children and for this couple, who seem to think wealth and fame are more important than marriage and family. How I wish Jon and Kate would turn off the cameras, get into marriage counseling, and -- for the sake of their eight children -- act like adults rather than glory hounds.


Sal1986 said...

There's really not much good one can say about people who exploit their family for the sake of some easy money and publicity, and then dump their family out of additional selfishness. Has anything good ever come out of reality TV?

jennifer01 said...

Why would anybody say it that way, you can easily get your point across in a polite and courteous way. Lets all just get a long.
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Jay Parmar said...

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SimpleDivorceAdvice said...

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cordell said...

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sham said...

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Good luck all

Mac said...

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Unknown said...

I think Kate is an overbearing wench. I think if it weren't for the children, he may have (and should have) left years ago.

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family counseling said...

This is really very unfortunate. Divorce may be a great hurdle for the couples directly involved but this will also cause much emotional burden to the children. I do hope that this reality show will bring in some positive things and not just to exploit those children.