Thursday, February 27, 2014

If I seem a little crazy...

...this may be why! By the time I was in the 6th grade, I'd been to six different schools (not counting preschool) and lived in five different states.

Oh, and thanks very much to my brother who sent this article to me. What exactly is he implying?

Kidding aside, as much as I changed schools early on, my parents tried to make the transitions a little easier on me by sending me to Christian schools that all used roughly the same curriculum with minor variations.  I may have been the new kid, but gosh darn it, I'd used the same reading and math books all the other kids had the previous school year. A small thing, perhaps, but it helped. And, from the article linked above, it seems any small help may be a big thing for the transient child.

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Unknown said...

I was really close with my cousin growing up and so when her parents went through their divorce, I was with her every step of the way. It was really difficult for her to go through the divorce and moving around made it ten times harder. Now that we're grown up, she said that if she would have been able to stay in one place the divorce would have been a lot easier for her. I'm sure that, like your situation, dealing with things changing within her family structure and then having to deal with changing schools and cities was a lot of change for a kid.