Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You've got betrayal

From an article on Steve Case in Washingtonian magazine (which, I can't believe I lived without for the last 10 years!):

The AOL juggernaut changed the face of Northern Virginia, creating an economic boom of car dealerships, new brick mansions, private jet sales, and restaurant openings. No segment profited more from AOL's success than the area's divorce attorneys. Infused with wealth, AOL employee-investors cashed out their first wives and acquired new ones, generating complicated questions about how to divide stock options that a handful of attorneys were able to exploit. The lawyers called them "AOL divorces." Case epitomized the trend with his own messy divorce from his wife, Joanne, who had been with him since Williams College. They'd married in 1985 and had three children. Eleven years later, in 1996, Case announced that he was having an affair with Jean Villanueva, a fellow executive of the company since the days of Q-Link.

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