Thursday, March 29, 2007

The baby dog

Even before our beloved Coal died so unexpectedly, I had started looking for a puppy of my own to add to our extended family. Now that Coal is gone, my little furry pup will be the only dog in the family, and he is much anticipated even though the search for just the right breeder is still ongoing. I told my parents that I joked with my single friends about registering at Petsmart and holding a puppy shower for the expected arrival. I thought they'd laugh at my silliness, but as it turns out, they're excited about getting a granddog. (Will that make the pup a nephdog to my brothers??) I'm excited too for obvious reasons. Who wouldn't be excited about a cute, cuddly burglar alarm? Plus now I can send out Christmas cards with my dog's picture every year, getting back at all those doting parents who send me pictures of their children (some of whom I've never met) when I am most interested in seeing the bright and smiling faces of my dear friends, not their offspring be they ever so dear. (Kudos, by the way, to my closest friends--whose children I am actually very fond of seeing--whose Christmas pictures featured the entire family, confirming my good sense in having them as my closest friends.)

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Anonymous said...

We love you too Kristine!