Friday, September 14, 2007

The good divorce on TV

From Reuters comes news of a new comedy series for NBC about a 30-something divorcing couple with kids who continue to live in the same home.

"In the untitled project, which has received a script commitment from the network, the divorcing couple -- a college professor moonlighting as a controversial political blogger, and his wife, who works at a private school and volunteers at a juvenile prison -- don't have enough money to separate right away, so the husband continues to live under the same roof with his wife and their two children, ages 14 and 8."

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Brian said...

I've actually heard about this happening in real life. I think the rationale was this way it would be easier to continue to co-parent the children, present a unified parental front, and maintain stability. I can't remember if the people in the particular case I read about had started dating (presumably while the other parent stayed at home to watch the children) or not.

I also seem to remember hearing about a divorced couple where the parents were the ones who changed houses instead of the kids...again to maintain stability and a sense of normalcy.

Blessed with no first hand experience with divorce I'm not sure if that would make things better or worse. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.