Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Marriage is green

Want another reason to stay married?

Rising divorce rates mean that fewer people are living in each household, causing them to take up more space and consume more energy and water, a new study suggests. "People talk about divorce hurting the children. Divorce also has an impact on the environment," said Jianguo "Jack" Liu, senior author of the study and the Rachel Carson chair in sustainability at Michigan State University. "Nobody knew about it."

Pandas are naturally solitary creatures, living separately from each other. Humans, on the other hand, tend to be more social. But when the social bond falls apart and people start living more like pandas, the drain on the environment is greater, Liu said.

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Unknown said...

A blog friend of mine pointed out, though, that kids moving out of their parents' houses, and young people who shared apartments with roommates and as they grew up decided to get their own places would probably have the same effect on the environment.