Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On Christmas

More than 2,000 years ago, our Creator God stepped into His own creation, became the image and essence of one of His own created beings, and set into motion the long-foretold process of redemption. As the omnipotent God lay tiny and vulnerable in a rough stable, the search began.

We know shepherds sought a Savior that first night, having heard the good news from a choir of angels performing in the sky above the Bethlehem countryside. We know a group of Eastern sky watchers saw the star that marked His birth and set out in search of the great king. We know that sometime later King Herod sought to kill the Child who threatened his throne. Savior, earthly king, threat--those who sought Jesus did so for very different reasons, not all of them good.

Two millenia later, not much has changed. The name and person of Jesus are almost universally known, but He means such different things to different people. Some come to Him in humility and awe, grateful for the redemption and salvation He offers. Some seek only to know Him as wise teacher, good man, purveyor of peace and gentleness. Still others see anything related to Jesus as a threat, a danger, or ridiculous nonsense.

The amazing thing is, He came for them all! Believers, skeptics, and scoffers. When Mary and Joseph presented Jesus at the Temple in Jerusalem, they were met by a man named Simeon, described by Luke as devout and righteous. Simeon had been told that he would not die before seeing the Messiah. Holding the God of the universe in his aged arms, Simeon declared Him a revelation to the Gentiles, glory for Israel, and salvation for all people.

May you find Christ this advent season to be all of those things in your own life--amazing revelation, brilliant glory, and joyful salvation. Merry Christmas!

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