Thursday, July 06, 2006

Laugh a little

My sense of humor has always stood out in my family. It's quirky, witty, and quick. My mom, God bless her, can't tell jokes; she does it so badly that her inability to tell jokes is a joke in our family. My stepfather has a good sense of humor. But when I get together with my dad, I remember where my sense of humor comes from. Clearly it is pure nature, not nurture, since I haven't spent enough time with my dad through the years to develop a sense of humor from him. It's purely inborn, baby. Still it surprises and delights me when I hear my dad say something hilarious, the kind of thing I would say in the same circumstance.

When we spent a day together in Paris, we were riding around on a tour bus and Dad cracked a joke that only I got. We were talking about museums and he said, "I've been to that Rodin museum, and it's a complete waste of time. There is nothing there about flying monsters."

I've told it to several friends and had to explain it to them. I think this should be my new dating requirement: If a guy gets this kind of humor without having it explained to him. If you didn't get the joke, follow the links. And don't call me.

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