Friday, July 14, 2006

What do you wish for?

On this week's radio program, Family Life host Dennis Rainey said:

"Carvel Ice Cream Bakery, which is located on the East Coast, asked about 1,500 people when they blow out their candles what they wished for on the birthday cake when they blow them out – 75 percent of the children with divorced parents wished for their parents to be reconciled."

This was part of a five part series featuring Divorce Care founder Steve Grissom. On Monday, Steve gave his own story; on Tuesday, Steve talked about the legal cost of divorce; Wednesday was on the financial cost of divorce; Thursday was on the emotional cost; and today's program features the cost on the lives of children. You can read the transcripts, order CDs, or download MP3s of each day's program at the Family Life web site.

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