Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dads Wanted

Now in bookstores, Dr. Meg Meeker's book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters encourages dads to get involved in their little girls' lives. A few facts from the press release:
  • Girls with a father figure feel more protected, have higher self-esteem, are more likely to attempt college, and are less likely to drop out of college.
  • Six-month-old babies score higher on tests of mental development if their fathers are involved in their lives.
  • Girls with fathers who are involved in their lives have higher quantitative and verbal skills and higher intellectual functioning.

Amazon gives a list of topics covered in the book, including "Why girls need God—and how your faith, or lack thereof, will influence her." Definitely in my shopping cart! And the stack of unread books grows...

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Scott Medhaug said...

It is hard for a father to have visitation with their daughters because the laws force not only separation of marriage but of fathers from their children. People need to get with groups that support equal access to children after a divorce. There are many groups that can be attended but many of these groups don't really support a child's rights to see both parents. We need to remove Judges and officials that don't support our children of divorce to have full access to both parents.