Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We become a metaphor

Reading through accumulated articles on divorce and children, I came across this sad story:

"Two deathly unhappy, but still fabulously preppy and well-known, parents decide to finally separate, with the intention that they will soon be divorced. They have a small and equally fabulous child who is too young and too fascinated with shiny objects to comprehend the entire situation. The parents, being slightly self-absorbed, do not take the child seriously into consideration when they plan out this separation. Their main objective is to fix the hellhole of a marriage that they found themselves in as soon as humanly possible. The small child hears Mommy and Daddy fighting constantly, and does eventually notice that Daddy is not around as much as he used to be (the small child of course only notices this when old toys have not been replaced by newer, shinier ones). So Daddy's gone, Mommy seems to be awfully thirsty lately, and the child is left wondering what the hell is going on here. Eventually, the child ends up in therapy, where he resents his parents for continuing to control his life when he sees how badly their control habits have affected their marriage."

...only to read on and discover that all this is an allegory for students who are frustrated with their school's administration. Interesting. The take-away here is that being a child of divorce is so universal, it can now be used to explain other mundane circumstances.

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Anonymous said...

This was shoking to read... Really.. How terribly, terribly sad. I ache for all of those children. Thank you again for this ministry. Be blessed. Lynn