Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wisdom on a Starbucks cup

I stopped at Starbucks on my way back to my home office after a jaunt into the city for a lunch meeting. It's rainy and dreary today, the kind of day that calls for a Grande instead of my usual Tall. Sipping the last, decidedly cold remnants of my mocha, I glanced at the quote, #158 in The Way I See It series: "It's tragic that extremists co-opt the notion of God, and that hipsters and artists reject spirituality out of hand. I don't have a fixed idea of God. But I feel that it's us--the messed-up, the half-crazy, the burning, the questing--that need God, a lot more than the goody-two-shoes do. --Mike Doughty, musician."

You're on to something, Mike! This was one of the main points of Jesus' time on earth. He spent an awful lot of time shaking up the religious folk by chastising them for their self-righteous attitudes and by spending his affection and time on "the messed-up, the half-crazy, the burning, the questing." The Gospels tell this story time and again. It's one we would all do well to remember.

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