Monday, August 11, 2008

Books are here!

After a long absence from the blogosphere--during which my wonderful parents spent two weeks doing back-breaking labor, painting and installing laminate flooring at my house, not to mention hanging new lights, replacing bad outlets, making snacks at the most opportune times, and conducting a neighborhood seminar on the poisonous plants of northern Virginia--I am excited to report that a small stack of my books is sitting next to me as I type this! My author's copies arrived on the FedEx truck today, rescuing what was otherwise a very stressful and frustrating Monday.

I sent out emails today offering to speak at several local church-based divorce support groups. If you'd like me to speak at a gathering, do a booksigning, or do a Q&A or guest column on your blog, contact me through the link in my blogger profile.

You can now read an excerpt of the book on Amazon, so go check it out! (See the link to the right.)

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Anonymous said...

I just finished reading "Child of Divorce, Child of God." What a wonderful, well-researched book. The first two paragraphs moved me to tears, you see I know that little 3-year old girl with huge eyes and soft curls...she is my neice. Kris, I am so amazingly proud of you. As the step mother of a "child of divorce" and now the grandmother of a "child of divorce," your book showed me many of the things I have done right and some of the things I didn't do so well. I am planning to give a book to my stepdaughter and pray that it will help her heal and will help her guide her daughter along the journey. Can't wait to see you in October. I am going to get busy helping to promote your book in your second "home town" Love you and SO proud of you!!!