Thursday, March 09, 2006

Children of Divorce on Marriage

From a review of a book of essays by women called Why I'm Still Married (which I can't recommend because one of the "marriages" is between lesbians):

"Nell Casey, a 34-year-old newlywed of only one year, admits she was a child of divorce who long yearned for 'normal' and loved the idea of marriage, unfashionable though that might be these days. 'We each inherit our own legacy of marriage, defining ourselves with or against our own parents’ marriage. … I do believe my sturdy sense of commitment sprang, in part, from the wreck of my parents’ marriage.'"

and later:

"Eve LaPlante, another offspring of divorce, gets my award for the title of her essay, '18,260 Breakfasts.' That’s the number of breakfasts a couple married for 50 years could enjoy together, and that’s the question LaPlante used to ask herself when dating. Looks, charm, a sense of humor and financial security are fine, she said, but her make-or-break question was, 'Can you conceive of wanting to wake up every morning and chat with this person over breakfast for 50 years?'"

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