Sunday, March 05, 2006

Empty nesters divorcing

Divorce doesn't just affect kids who are still in childhood. When mom and dad divorce after the kids are grown, issues just take on a different tone, as in this article:

"When children are under 18, parents may try -- or may be forced by courts -- to shield them from the nastiness of divorce. Adults often can't help knowing every unsavory detail of their parents' split. Amy Thompson, 23, never imagined her parents would part until her mother left her father three years ago while Thompson was in college. She became her devastated father's counselor. He called her sometimes twice a day to rehash the demise of his marriage. To her dismay, Thompson's father even divulged to her details of his sex life with her mother. 'If I was 10,' she said, 'he wouldn't have been talking to me about these issues.' In some ways, Thompson felt she lost a parent and became one to her father."

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I'm reading the book referenced in the article and will post some quotes and thoughts on it soon.

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