Thursday, March 30, 2006

Divorce and teens

From an article out of Georgia (the state, not the country):

"Messages from Adolescents:
"'At first I felt sorry for myself, doing more chores at home, plus holding down a full-time job. Then I realized I was handling everything and I felt great.' (Gaby, 17)
"'Divorce sucks! I can't believe my parents tell me to act my age when they certainly don't!' (Angie, 15)
"'Parents are always worried about what others think. Why don't they want to know what I think?' (Hastings, 13)"

"Gender Response to Divorce: Do girls or boys adjust better to divorce? 'Over time all children showed improved adjustment,' said Anne Copeland who researched adjustment to divorce in 160 families in the Boston area. A difference in how aggression is expressed was found to be significant. Boys generally display overt physical aggression. They are identified as bullies or problems in the classroom. Unchecked male aggression provides an early introduction to the juvenile justice system. Girls tend to internalize their aggression by crying, pouting, and manipulating situations. They also experience more headaches and stomachaches. Girls are more likely than boys to turn to someone of the opposite sex to find comfort and a renewed sense of importance which may lead to teen pregnancy."

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