Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Are you a football?

Elizabeth Marquardt talked about feeling like a football being tossed between two people, always in mid-air, floating between one parent's world and the other. If you're a kid with that story, you could be on the Today Show:

For a special series, “Through Innocent Eyes,” TODAY is looking for children between the ages of 8 and 18 to tell their story. If selected, we will give the children simple cameras for them to record their stories. They will be paired with NBC correspondents and producers, who will be their mentors. Their stories will be edited by NBC and air on TODAY.They will be selected for their ability to tell a compelling story. For example, one might be a Muslim refugee living with her family in middle America or a child with a military parent stationed in Iraq. Another might be a child of divorce moving back and forth between two households or a child of gay parents. One could be a child athlete or performing artist or live with a disabled family member.We’re looking for a variety of situations and lifestyles. We want to celebrate childhood, but not avoid the social issues of growing up poor, or disabled, displaced, or “different.”

My only question is exactly which category divorced children fall into. Surely not "different" in today's world!

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