Friday, June 01, 2007

Change isn't the only permanent thing

From a divorced dad, who also happens to be a divorce attorney:

CHANGE IS A PART OF LIFE. Every day we move from dawn to daylight to dusk to dark. At each stage there is a loss; a loss of darkness when we emerge into daylight, a loss of summer as we move into autumn, a loss as the child moves away from the milk of its mother to solids, a loss in moving home, in changing cars and in changing schools.Yes, change can be and often is hard but it's how change is dealt with that determines how successful are our outcomes. Looked at this way you will recognise that nothing is permanent. The body and its surroundings are continually changing. So everything is impermanent. These are unavoidable truths.So the sooner your child understands this about the world the less your child will suffer.

This dad's point is that children should just accept that change is a natural part of life and get over it. Divorce is certainly natural--in the spiritual way that Scripture uses the word. That is to say, it is sinful and fallen, not redeemed and whole.

There are a lot of broken, impermanent things in life, it is true. What is also true is that each of these things ought to make us realize that brokenness implies the absence of a perfect whole; it is less than what it ought to be. These things should drive us to seek the perfect, the permanent. They should drive us to seek God, who never changes, who is a Rock of permanence in a world of tumult.

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