Friday, June 01, 2007

Knocking on the door to adulthood

Don't ask why I was reading a review of the upcoming movie Knocked Up. I can't explain it myself. The movie, if you're not up on pop culture, is about a girl who gets pregnant after a one night stand with an irresponsible guy. She keeps the baby and, according to the review, the guy is launched down a pathway toward grown-up land. But perhaps this was why I was meant to read this review:

At a moment of crisis Ben calls his father, a nice, tolerant guy played by Harold Ramis, for advice. “Just tell me what to do,” he begs, but no help is forthcoming. (“I’ve been divorced three times. Why are you asking me?”) The absence of a credible model of male adulthood is clearly one of the forces trapping Ben and his friends in their state of blithe immaturity.

I've read about this notion of men trapped in adolescence, most notably in Don Miller's book To Own a Dragon. Now that it's hit the big screen, I guess it's officially a social phenomenon.

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