Friday, November 10, 2006

Blessings 133-198

133. Waking up encouraged
134. Knowing God has not forgotten me
135. Teamwork
136. Working with people I enjoy
137. Friday bagels
138. ...with special holiday pumpkin cream cheese
139. Finishing projects
140. People who keep dishes of chocolate at their desks
141. Well-stocked medicine cabinets at work
142. Friday dinner out
143. Restaurants that let you call ahead for seating
144. Being able to sit on the patio in November
145. Flirty waiters who make all of us laugh
146. Free dessert
147. ...and a rose for our friend
148. A fun, fur purse I found at an antique shop
149. Coffeeshops in bookstores
150. Having friends who like to talk about books and God
151. Knowing cool writer people
152. Getting free review copies of books
153. Getting accidentally-the-next-size-larger coffee
154. Two whole days to rest
155. Getting to host my brother again next week
156. A beautiful bright pale moon shrouded in wispy soft clouds
157. People who subscribe to the New Yorker and then pass it around
158. Men who hold doors for ladies
159. Knowing God's plan is the best plan
160. The chance to help others
161. Piles of fall leaves
162. ...and not having to rake them
163. Perfume samples in magazines
164. Memories
165. Back-up drives
166. Contact lenses
167. Vegetables
168. Funny stories
169. Being surprised by good things
170. An opportunity to invite my neighbors over
171. Other people's testimonies
172. Knowing Jesus is always with me
173. Jane Austen movies
174. Inspiration
175. Hope
176. Getting to share sorrow with others
177. Knowing I'm not alone
178. Warm knit hats and scarves
179. My dad's photographs
180. People who think to videotape important meetings
181. Hair, even the gray ones (hey, I could be bald)
182. Not getting a papercut until right at the end of a big project
183. Volunteers
184. Especially volunteer firemen and rescue teams
185. Lakes
186. Waking up at the beach and being able to see the ocean from bed
187. Flannel pajamas
188. Knowing how to back into parking spaces
189. The sins God has conquered in my life
190. Friends who model chastity and make it easier to live out
191. Quiet neighbors
192. Humidifiers
193. Christ's obedience
194. Marilynne Robinson's beautiful writing
195. Supportive parents
196. Never having broken a bone (if you don't count a tooth)
197. Dentistry (it was a front tooth)
198. Knowing heaven will be all this and more

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