Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blessings 67-132

67: God's forgiveness
68: Encouragement
69: Good chips & salsa
70: Not having writer's block
71: Safe travel for family members
72: People who make me laugh
73: A perfectly-sized teddy bear
74: Knowing God loves me
75: Being in the safest possible hands
76: The big hole at the entrance to my street getting filled
77: Getting to work on time
78: Having a job to go to
79: Being able to bless others
80: Friday night plans
81: Great-Grandma's old costume jewelry
82: A big thick afghan knit with a mother's love
83: Cute animals
84: Not being a movie star (seriously, who needs that kind of pressure?)
85: Having a back-up hairdryer when mine quit
86: Beautiful poetry
87: The honesty of the Psalms
88: Knowing whom I have believed
89: Blessings in the lives of those I love
90: Having known what it's like to be loved
91: Take-out food
92: A new magazine subscription I had forgotten about
93: A personal technology consultant, also known as my brother
94: People who call when they're supposed to
95: Finding my mom's old painting in Grandma's garage last fall
96: Having such artistic parents
97: A promising looking holiday movie season
98: Knowing how to cook yummy meals
99: A pastor who preaches God's Word
100: Knowing that God's opinion is the only one that matters
101: Being a clay pot He can shape
102: Knowing that the shape He chooses is best
103: Being called "lovely" this morning
104: Accomplishing good work
105: Getting to share all of this with you
106: Comfy chairs
107: Working at a place where we can pray and sing praises to God before big meetings
108: Places that serve half-sandwiches for lunch
109: Pants
110: My co-worker's good field trip with her son's class yesterday
111: Having friends at work
112: Rose blooms that dry perfectly so I can save them
113: My iPod, so I always have good music to drown out the noise at the office
114: Whoever thought of operas...
115: ...and especially "I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls"
116: Martha Stewart's great ideas
117: Reese's peanut butter cups
118: Not living somewhere that has snow already
119: What little wisdom I have
120: Having a divorced mom and dad who don't speak ill of each other
121: Pretty smelling perfume
122: The sound of crickets
123: People who write books so I can read them
124: Not having generic acetominophen in my medicine cabinet
125: Mom's homemade applesauce
126: ...and the brother and sister-in-law who left it at my house
127: New flatware with no missing pieces or spots
128: Bookmarks
129: Knowing things angels want to study
130: DEET
131: Gorgeous fall colors
132: Meetings with snacks

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