Friday, November 17, 2006

Blessings 529-594

I forgot to post my blessings last night until it was late and I was too tired, so it's a double dose this evening.

529. Fridays!
530. Not being the only one frustrated by bagel scavengers
531. People who pray for me
532. Resolutions
533. People who stay home when they're sick
534. Places that let you schedule appointments online
535. Meetings with people who are hard to catch
536. Getting good info the first time around
537. Not needing an ark yesterday
538. Not living in a flood zone
539. Seeing a rainbow (ok, on the evening news)
540. Lunch with an office friend
541. Hanging out at Starbucks
542. The first peppermint mocha of the season
543. Good articles in magazines
544. Being able to recycle old letters
545. Doing something useful for others
546. Jackets with hoods
547. Living close to the office
548. $5 tote bags
549. Homemade cleaning products
550. Party opportunities
551. Smart people who can explain things
552. Good news
553. People returning to faith
554. Christians in Hollywood
555. Strength for today
556. ...and bright hope for tomorrow
557. Knowing I'm not alone
558. That school wasn't all about gym class
559. Living in America, the beautiful
560. Opportunities to minister to others
561. Friends I've known since grade school
562. Bargains
563. Old video footage
564. Knowing God thinks I'm special
565. Having a place in the body of Christ
566. Being different
567. Getting the chance to promote others
568. Fulfilling dreams
569. Mentoring younger women
570. Marshmallows
571. Bonfires
572. Hayrides
573. Singing around a campfire
574. Boats
575. Lazy summer afternoons
576. A mom who thinks I'm a "beautiful woman of sophistication"
577. Being able to give grace to others
578. Having enough patience for today
579. People who care passionately about issues
580. Pretty ballgowns
581. Broccoli pizza
582. Remembering to bake the potatoes long enough
583. Having a job
584. Easy ways to protect my health
585. Ordering stamps online
586. Cookies that ship well
587. Having people to bake for
588. Businesses that hire people with developmental disabilities
589. Color printers
590. Generous people
591. Inheriting my dad's sense of humor
592. Not having to be the honorary boy anymore
593. A sister-in-law who loves my brother
594. Seeing kids grow up

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