Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blessings 199-264

199. Saturdays
200. No kids, dog, or husband to wake me up early
201. Days when I don't have to be anywhere
202. Vacuum cleaners
203. A washer and dryer that work at the same time (don't ask)
204. A roof over my head when it rains
205. Ridiculously warm November days
206. A neighborhood where kids play outside
207. Leftovers
208. Good books to read
209. Cross-referenced Bibles
210. Cartoons about writing
211. Getting caught up on paperwork
212. Old pictures
213. Digital cameras
214. People who put perfectly good wooden desk chairs out for the trash
215. Clean sheets
216. Being able to paint my office pink
217. Knowing "this too shall pass"
218. The phone not ringing once (elections are over)
219. Hymnbooks
220. Friends who send cards in the mail
221. Sick babies who get better
222. Toddlers who think I'm their friend
223. The little girl who enjoys my roses so much she picks them all
224. ...and a hardy rose bush that keeps making one stubborn flower at a time to keep up with her
225. Window screens
226. A God who surprises and delights
227. Knowing God is jealous for my attention
228. Scrunchies
229. Yummy cereal
230. Reminders of old friends
231. All the grandparents I've had
232. That two of them are still here
233. Puppies
234. Good marketing ideas
235. Pruning my tree before the leaves fell
236. Decaf tea
237. Jeans
238. A church family
239. Church potlucks
240. Shredders
241. Computerized budgeting (or I'd never do it!)
242. Good magazines
243. Crossword puzzles
244. Loving to read
245. Free business cards
246. My alma mater
247. Being able to see colors
248. Being in my right mind
249. Laptops
250. Highlighters
251. Candles
252. Photo albums
253. The experience of others, from which I can learn
254. Knowing I don't have to be in control
255. That God's love extends to a thousand generations of those who serve Him
256. ...and ancestors who followed God
257. Silk flowers that look real
258. Finally not having Halloween candy around to tempt me
259. Finding mini-chocolate chips to satisfy the chocolate craving
260. Ice cubes
261. A bathroom I don't have to share
262. Next-day photo processing
263. Knowing God is loving and strong
264. Knowing the One who knows the way through the desert and the valley

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