Monday, November 13, 2006

Blessings 331-396

331. Dinners out
332. A fun fur vest (yes, a vest too; I was on a kick last season)
333. Good editorial advice
334. Heated seats
335. Devotions in bed
336. Clearing off my desk
337. Shopping at lunchtime
338. ...for kids I've never met
339. Slinky Jr.
340. Sparkly pencils
341. A toothbrush that lights up
342. Pocket Etch-a-Sketch
343. 48 crayon colors
344. Colorful protractors and compasses (they were all metal when I was in school)
345. Cute two-year-olds who remind me of my brothers long ago
346. Getting to laugh at the silly things kids do
347. Getting a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich for helping kids
348. Putting my tax dollars to use
349. Starting a great new book in my online book club
350. Getting to throw peanut shells on the floor
351. ...and the memory of the first time I saw that when I was 5
352. Tackling big projects
353. Good coffee
354. ...and flavored creamers
355. Getting to talk about theology at work
356. Numbers that add up
357. Friends with passion and vision
358. "The Lord" mentioned on the local news
359. Getting to work from home several days a week
360. Being able to laugh at old pictures
361. Knowing today isn't my next birthday
362. Being certain that God is in control
363. Immediately answered prayers
364. Diet sodas
365. Fried shrimp
366. Polite people
367. Challenges
368. Good pens
369. Fun stamps
370. Knowing 3 different people I can stay with in California (now I just need to work on Hawaii) 371. Knowing I can "take it to the Lord in prayer"
372. Having my salvation depend on grace, not works
373. Not falling down stairs (my weird phobia)
374. Perky neighbors who cheer things up
375. Having excuses to get out of dumb events
376. Knowing Starbucks will have peppermint mocha soon
377. Remembering I have money left on a Caribou Coffee gift card
378. Timers on lights
379. Having a family that gets along
380. Finding friends' blogs
381. Not having my hair turn into Bozo's in the drizzle
382. Not being the last one to leave the office
383. Being more than a conqueror
384. Knowing when it's time to take vacation
385. $5 alarm clocks that work for 17 years (and counting)
386. Homemade caramel
387. The courage to try new things
388. Sweet tea
389. Having my brother buy me dinner
390. Hearing how God is blessing others
391. Wrapping paper
392. People who believe in me
393. Discovering cool new kitchen tricks
394. Being satisfied with what my Dad can give
395. Having a stepfather who's always been there
396. ...and the best grandpas a girl could have

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