Friday, November 17, 2006

Blessings 595-660

595. Having a name that means "born again" and "Christ bearer"
596. Not being an oaf, even a royal one (inside joke, sorry)
597. Weighing more than 90 pounds
598. ...and less than 200
599. Role models
600. Not getting stuck in the office building
601. Learning about the Friday night wine club
602. ...and getting an invitation
603. Getting to serve my family
604. Emptying my basement
605. Driving with the windows down
606. Not getting run over in the crosswalk
607. Another free chicken sandwich
608. People who r.s.v.p. a.s.a.p.
609. Prolific days
610. Not giving up
611. Orthodoxy
612. Orthopraxy
613. Wicked friends
614. Satire
615. Public libraries
616. Good danish
617. Kind souls
618. An excuse to make cheese fondue
619. Not living in a TV drama
620. Turtleneck sweaters
621. Trips to the Caribbean
622. Not being killed by pirates
623. People who catch bad guys
624. Not fearing the terror that comes by night
625. A nice weekend forecast
626. Flexible work schedules
627. Leftovers that reheat well
628. Being a ringleader
629. Being available to help out a friend
630. Great B&Bs
631. Biblical examples
632. Braces
633. ...and not having to wear them anymore
634. Bones that stay in their joints
635. Finding new music
636. Getting to make a joyful noise to the Lord
637. Knowing He'll tell me the next step
638. Live music
639. ...especially lawn concerts
640. ...especially at Wolf Trap
641. Parents who dragged me to cultural events
642. Reading The Iliad with my mom
643. Christmas cards
644. Christmas music
645. Christmas trees
646. Liking Christmas
647. Knowing that making pie crust is easy
648. Giving Martha a run for her money
649. Not having roommates
650. Scented drawer liner
651. Sachets
652. Knowing God is my help
653. Having Jesus pray for me
654. ...and the Holy Spirit too
655. Faithful scribes who preserved biblical manuscripts
656. Religious references etched on monuments
657. Having freedom "of" religion, not "from"
658. Crispy hash browns
659. Places that serve breakfast for dinner
660. Corny jokes (Ham and eggs walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve breakfast here.")

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