Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blessings 265-330

265. Staying in bed late on Sundays and talking to God
266. Meeting new people
267. Newspaper deliveries
268. Having it land under the overhang so it's not all wet
269. Coupons
270. Sudoku
271. Learning new things about God
272. Getting strength to face another day at the office
273. Warm chocolate chip cookies
274. Wireless internet
275. Not being in the hospital since I was born
276. Boots that go with everything
277. Remote controls
278. Good parking places
279. Not having to clean my plate
280. Thought-provoking conversations
281. The religious icon my dad gave me
282. ...and the respect for my faith it conveyed
283. Warm fluffy robes
284. People who smile
285. Knowing I'm not a statistic
286. Imputed righteousness
287. Having traveled to New England
288. Surviving the trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower
289. The variety of foods God created
290. Cloth napkins
291. A mom who read to us
292. Milkshakes
293. Beautiful piano playing
294. The way seasons show God's glory
295. Silpat
296. Rain instead of snow
297. Options
298. Hearing people's stories
299. Being recognized at church
300. Bubble baths
301. Serving the King
302. Only having to drive halfway to Ohio
303. First Thanksgiving with a sister-in-law
304. Funny commercials
305. A boring life
306. Bible reading plans
307. Knowing I'm made in His image
308. Irony
309. Freckles
310. Toast
311. Umbrellas
312. Hot milk drinks
313. Living near a city with cool stuff
314. Living near the country too
315. And the ocean
316. Rope swings over creeks
317. Knowing that when God says 'no' it's for a reason
318. Missionary stories
319. Oversized sweaters
320. Toothpaste
321. Glues that work
322. Mary's obedience
323. All things working together for good
324. Hugs
325. Being confident that He'll complete the good work
326. Publishing connections
327. Sunshine
328. No more ants
329. God's leading
330. Being useful


John Howard said...

296. Rain instead of snow

Are you kidding me? I suppose rain is a little easier to deal with, but snow is much more beautiful. And seeing as blessings are beautiful, snow is obviously the blessing, not rain.

Kristine said...

Yes, but I don't have to shovel rain. :)