Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blessings 463-528

463. Not needing a coat in November
464. Free Chick-fil-A sandwich
465. Planning lunch tomorrow with a friend
466. Not caring about my ego
467. Babies in pink cowgirl boots
468. Things that are just too easy to make fun of
469. Words that flow
470. Having an answer
471. Q-tips
472. Visor mirrors
473. Procrastination
474. Leftover cookies in the staff kitchen
475. New pens
476. Sparkly earrings
477. Phone calls from my youngest brother
478. Honest Tea
479. Having insight when I thought I'd lost it all
480. Realizing bad dreams are just dreams
481. Getting organized
482. Sunshine when the forecast said clouds
483. All the Bible memorization I did as a kid
484. Being trusted with the Gospel
485. Stories of people who stand firm
486. Making new connections
487. Good sermons
488. Not having to become a nun
489. Getting to use my spiritual gifts
490. Seeing my house used for God's glory
491. Knowing the new microwave will finally get installed
492. A stereo that's lasted more than 36 years
493. Travel mugs
494. Having my opinion asked
495. Getting to give presents to Jesus
496. Seeing old friends
497. People who pray for me
498. Forgiveness
499. Good danish
500. Being halfway to 1,000
501. Having a High Priest who knows how I struggle
502. Clean public restrooms
503. Hearing "I love you"
504. Having the option for curly or straight hair
505. Knowing my best life is still to come
506. Mountains
507. Camping trips
508. Sprinklers
509. Sparklers taped to milkshakes
510. Knowing how to take a fish off a hook
511. Rainbows
512. The roar of the ocean
513. Sand between the toes
514. Beach umbrellas
515. Friends with access to beach houses
516. Real New Jersey pizza
517. Virginia!
518. Remembering to unscrew the garden hoses
519. College friends
520. Breaking bad habits
521. Being a new creation
522. A God who has big hopes for me
523. Funny stories in the Bible
524. Grocery stores
525. Great prose
526. Knowing a secret
527. ...and keeping it
528. Surprise parties

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