Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Count Your Many Blessings

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with it a time for us to consciously stop and consider all that we have to thank God for. As children of God, we are not thankful in a generic and unspecific way. We have a source for our blessings and it is to Him that we return our thanks. My friends at Christian Women Online have started a web ring of posts on the things we are thankful for. I'm going to list mine here and in subsequent days leading up to Thanksgiving. To make it to a thousand (the challenge), I've just done the math and figured out that I'll have to post 66 items each day between now and Thanksgiving! It will be a challenge, indeed, but a good one, because thankfulness is a discipline that requires most of all the ability to see the good things all around us. I hope you'll join in and let me know what you're thankful for by posting in the comments section.

Today, to start things off, the obvious:
1. Salvation
2. God's mercy, new every day
3. A roof over my head
4. Friends
5. Family
6. Food in my belly
7. A job that pays the bills
8. A church I love
9. Music
10. Health
11. Freedom
12. Chocolate
13. Good books
14. Warm clothes
15. Blog readers!
16. Hymns
17. Not getting run into last night on a slick, wet road
18. Starbucks
19. Doughnuts once a week
20. Birthdays
21. Art
22. Paris in May
23. Electric blankets
24. Two brothers
25. My grandpa's salvation
26. My godly heritage
27. Many years of Christian school
28. The Bible
29. A car that runs without trouble
30. The publisher who will put my book in print
31. The times my dad calls or emails
32. Phone calls with my mom and stepfather
33. Coal
34. Indoor plumbing
35. Roses
36. God's love
37. A warm autumn day
38. A good message in staff devotions
39. A dishwasher
40. Tea
41. The chance to encourage others
42. Smart friends
43. Challenges that make me stronger
44. Conviction when I'm wrong
45. Things that keep me humble
46. Smiling faces
47. Kicking off my shoes at the end of the day
48. Having shoes to kick off
49. Something to look forward to
50. Children to buy gifts for (here and here)
51. Old movies
52. Ponci's china and other family heirlooms
53. Knowing how to sew and embroider
54. A safe neighborhood to live in
55. Wegman's
56. Our veterans
57. Peace that passes understanding
58. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit
59. Tropical color Post-Its
60. The neighbor who lent us her parking space last night
61. Refrigeration
62. Electricity
63. Insulation
64. Quiet
65. Photographs
66. Hand lotion

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Sean Carter said...

Its thanksgiving and there is fun and frolic all over but in all these merrymaking let us not forget the real purpose of the occasion. Lets all kneel and thank God for all that He has showered on us and for this beautiful life that he has graced us with. On this note please do visit my
Thanksgiving Blog some time and share your thoughts as well. Have a wonderful time this Thanksgiving!!!!