Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blessings 397-462

397. Quiet days
398. Deciding on the right dog breed...I think
399. Having a woman's perogative to change my mind
400. Breakthroughs
401. A God who's not afraid of my honesty
402. ...and my panicked prayers
403. ...and who quiets me with His love
404. Soft white cheese with cranberries
405. Not being the only book-obsessed person
406. Getting to tell someone else about a great book
407. Getting free books (it's the week of free)
408. Little girls with big brooms
409. Chatting with neighbors
410. Having every spiritual blessing
411. Telling my testimony
412. Good catalogs
413. Saying no to another magazine
414. Reading good articles
415. John Piper
416. Plastic baggies
417. ...that work as gloves for mixing meatloaf
418. Cream-style corn
419. Helicopters that blow up just after people escape
420. Double-screening
421. Beer with Mexican food
422. Brillo pads
423. Tiny carpet samples that make cool coasters
424. Tupperware parties where people get free stuff
425. Getting to eat turkey next week
426. ...and stuffing
427. ...oo, and pies...mmmm, pie
428. Did I mention real whipped cream?
429. Paid holidays
430. Office email chats about silly stuff
431. Never having to take another gym class
432. Remembering how God first called me
433. Being a girl
434. Rediscovering pink after years of black
435. Having a God who takes care of me
436. Hand crank radios and flashlights
437. Apple cider
438. Fluffy slippers
439. Antler headbands
440. Funny office Christmas videos
441. Creative people
442. Forgiving friends
443. Napkin rings
444. Meat thermometers
445. Burt's Bees chapstick (seriously, try it--tingly good)
446. Commisseration
447. Patterns that go together
448. Not having to do everything
449. Knowing God's burden is light--whew!
450. Awesome soccer
451. Literary conferences
452. Cool writers who write back
453. Being a literary groupie
454. Outlet stores
455. Pink luggage (I'll never lose it)
456. Being able to cook by feel, not measuring spoons
457. Getting a tricked out mansion in heaven
458. No more tears, sickness, or death
459. Jesus as my sun
460. Hymn sings with the angels
461. Waterfalls
462. Perseverance

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